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About Custom Special-Shaped Serie

Create a unique look for your home with Pella's wood, fiberglass and vinyl special window shapes. There are nearly limitless design combinations available.

This collection of leaves includes a variety of shapes to help graphic designers portray organic qualities in their work. These custom shapes are a great addition to a leaf-based font design or illustrative elements in comic work.

Arrows are a key element in directional signage, and this package of CSH files provides plenty of options for a designer. From the standard arrow shape to a skull-like silhouette, this package adds some creativity to a directional design project. This set also includes a bit of parchment banner design for themed event work. This can be especially useful in a Shakespearean class or script production.

This week’s Product Roundup features MIL standard rectangular connectors from TE Connectivity, CDM Electronics, Kyocera, and Winchester Interconnect. TE’s POLAMCO Series rectangular backshells support rugged applications from aerospace to defense and space to subsea. These MIL-Spec approved rectangular connectors can be crimped, wire wrap, and solder cup terminated, and include optional shielding and removable contacts. Kyocera’s HyperMod Series is a heavy duty modular rectangular I/O connector that meets the demands of signal systems in power plants, railways, and transportation. It’s MIL-Spec approved with high reliability.

The underlying mathematical rationale for the A series is that, when a rectangle is cut or folded in half along its longer side, the resulting shorter sides have an aspect ratio of 2. This property is also utilized with paper folding techniques such as origami.