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Lids for All

· A variety of application scenarios can choose different sealing schemes
. The seal is firm and reliable without leakage
. The overall appearance of the seal is generous and beautiful
. Simple sealing, saving time and effort

We can provide corresponding sealing solutions according to the needs of different customers and different styles of aluminum foil lunch boxes, such as paper lids, aluminum foil snap lids, aluminum foil film lids, etc., to provide customers with perfect aluminum foil containers sealing solution.

Custom Designed Sealing Solution for Aluminum Foil Containers

  • Aluminium Foil

    Aluminium Foil

    The thickness of the film, the width of the sealing can be applied in a certain range, can achieve good and uniform linear sealing. Aluminum foil sheet sealing effect is good, barrier performance, moisture-proof performance. Sealing temperature is 10-20 degrees lower than the general material, which can greatly prolong the product storage time.

    Aluminium Foil
  • Aluminium Cover

    Aluminium Cover

    Aluminum cover has good buffering, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages, and non-toxic, not water absorption, dust peeling off, increase, sealing performance is very good.

    Aluminium Cover
  • Paper Cover

    Paper Cover

    Aluminum coated paper cover, aluminum coated paper cover, white card, etc.

    Paper Cover
  • Plastic Cover

    Plastic Cover

    Small and light, simple operation, convenient, intuitive, good sealing, widely used

    Plastic Cover

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Industry knowledge

1.Sealable Aluminum Lid

The aluminum foil has good sealing effect, strong barrier performance and moisture-proof performance.

2.Aluminum Lid

Aluminum cover has good buffering, seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof, chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages.

3.Paper Lid

(aluminum-covered paper cover, aluminum-covered paper cover, coated white card, etc.)

4、Plastic Lid

Compact and light, easy to operate, convenient, intuitive good, good sealing, widely used.

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